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Investment Property Financing, LLC

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4158 Summer Ave
TN  38122
(901) 844-3333

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A hard money loan describes financing that is an alternative to traditional bank loans. Investment Property Financing is a hard money lender that specializes in providing fast, easy funding to real estate investors.

While rates and fees for hard money loans are usually higher than conventional loans, these loans offer several important advantages for the savvy investor. Unlike a bank, we can fund loans in a matter of days with lending that is not credit-based but asset-based.

Investors turn to private capital funding for many reasons, including:
  • When a traditional lender turns you down
  • Fast closing
  • To make a stronger offer with cash
  • To take advantage of investment opportunities that are not strong enough for a bank loan
  • When a bank line of credit is insufficient
  • To rehab investment properties in need of repairs
  • To make a property bankable for a long-term loan
  • To get funds to fix and flip  properties with maximum leverage

Real estate investors can always find great opportunities. Investment Property Financing, LLC helps borrowers overcome the tight credit standards that exist today to avoid letting these opportunities slip away.

With our assistance, you can make the necessary repairs to your property, obtain the capital to purchase more properties and make money quicker than you could on your own. Investment Property Financing, LLC offers a wide variety of hard money loans to real estate investors, including loans that cover both the purchase cost and repairs & short-term rehab loans for property flippers.

If a traditional lender has turned you down, or you want to enjoy the benefits of a fast, easy loan that doesn't rely on your credit, count on Investment Property Financing for competitive rates and flexible terms.