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International Investors Program


Loans to Foreign Nationals

There has always been a great need for foreign nationals to qualify for loans to purchase commercial, second homes, or non-owner-occupied residential real estate in the U.S. In response to this growing demand, Investment Property Financing, LLC has created a simple program that can provide financing to foreign borrowers that want to purchase real estate in Memphis when banks and other institutional lenders are unwilling to fund their loan request.

Problems faced by foreign nations:

Banks and institutional lenders require proof of income. This normally takes the form of copies of tax returns, bank statements, and other information that is not applicable to loans for foreign borrowers. Many foreign nationals realize that investing in U.S. real estate offers them both security and stability, which they may not be able to find in other areas of the world, but they often are frustrated by their inability to leverage their real estate purchases. Investment Property Financing, LLC simple and flexible loan programs can resolve all these issues. The following are all the things that we don’t require:


Investment Property Financing, LLC DOES NOT require that our Foreign Borrowers

  • Be U.S. Citizens.
  • Have a Green Card allowing them permanents resident status.
  • Provide U.S. tax returns.

Investment Property Financing, LLC is able to fund loans to foreign national and second home borrowers on the following types of properties:

  • Single-family residential, condo, or duplex to four-plex properties as long as they are purchased for investment.
  • Commercial income properties (e.g., multifamily, office, industrial, warehouse, or mixed use) or commercial land that is already zoned and entitled